Endangered Communities Campaign – Phase I


“This spring, the Ontario Forestry Coalition was forced to launch a major campaign aimed at convincing the Ontario Government that a move to require permitting under the Endangered Species Act will not work and will cause the forest industry major problems. We also asked that the existing Crown Forest Sustainability Act, which the Ontario Government says is the platinum standard when it comes to managing forests and the species that live there, be the governing law when it comes to species at risk. This is, in fact, what the McGuinty government promised us both before and after the last election.


Phase one of the campaign is now over!  Thank you to the thousands of people who e-mailed or faxed their comments to the Environmental Bill of Rights and to the Premier.  Also a great big thanks to the hundreds of concerned citizens who attended the Town Hall meetings held in the Northwest during the week of June 9 which saw a Coalition Team visit 12 separate communities in 5 days.


The Ontario Forestry Coalition will continue to monitor the government’s response to the public input and then determine our course of action over the next few months.”





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